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FAQs about course application

Q: Does the university offer housing for international students?

A: Yes. The university housing is available on the basis of first come first served. Please submit your request for university housing along with your application as soon as possible

Q: Can I check-in the accommodation on arrival?

A: If you have reserved your accommodation in advance, you can directly check-in the dormitory and get the key from the reception desk with your original passport, admission notice and Visa Application Form (JW202 Form).

Q: How early can I get into the students dorm?

A: You may book the student dorm in advance. Once being approved, you may get into the students dorm generally at least one week before the new semester starts.

Q: Can I stay off the campus?

A: Yes. Provided you apply first, fill in the student living off campus application form, and have the approval of the dean in charge. Students who live off campus should register with local police and then inform the student office within a week of living at their new address. Students who live off campus should be responsible for their own safety, property and any other problematic matters.

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